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Check out our new interview series:



This interview series aims to introduce you to the IMF Steering Committee. 

This series was inspired by the AIC-ECPN’s @humans_of_conservation Instagram series. 
We are grateful to them and expand on their idea with their permission. 

Who We Are:

We are an international group of allied professionals dedicated to the advancement and the creative work of making safe and well-made exhibition and storage mounts. If you do this work, are interested in doing this work, or are an allied professional who works with mountmakers – You are in the right place!


What We Do:

Mountmaking is the process of designing, fabricating and installing supports – called “mounts”, “brackets” or “armatures” – for safe display or storage of artworks, artifacts, or natural history specimens. A well-made mount should help protect the object from external hazards or inherent structural weaknesses while enhancing the viewer’s experience.


Our Mission:

The International Mountmakers Forum is an organization that exists to support the work of the mountmaking community. It is committed to fostering communication, promoting best practices, and disseminating current information regarding materials, tools, techniques and solutions for object storage and display.


We invite you to join the IMF community and share your experiences and perspectives through our Online Forum and at our biennial IMF conference. Your participation will make us all better at supporting our artistic, natural and cultural heritage!



IMF Handwritten

Gallery of recently shared mount solutions from our Instagram. Please contact us about your latest work so we can share yours too!

IMF2022 Shirt


The IMF currently has two
t-shirt designs which support charities associated with the arts/museums.


All proceeds go to charity.

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