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2nd IMF

The 2nd International Mountmakers Forum was held on May 5-6, 2010 at the National Museum of the American Indian and multiple other museum sites at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC.


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Presenters at the 2nd International Mountmakers Forum in 2010



Presenters at the 2nd International Mountmakers Forum in 2010

"Challenges and Solutions in Complex Mountmaking: Iranian Tile and Bwa mask" 
Keith Conway, National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution

"The Fabrication and Mounting of a Rotating Jewelry Gallery at the Museum of Arts and Design" 
Matthew Cox, Museum of Arts & Design, NYC

"New mounting systems for ancient objects for the special exhibition “The Secrets of Tomb 10A: Egypt 2000 BC” at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston" 
Susanne Gänsicke, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

A Beginner’s Mannequin: Museum Action Figure or Crash Test Dummy? 
Gordon Lambert, Seattle Art Museum

"Exploring Designs for Concealing Object Mounts" 
McKenzie Lowry, J. Paul Getty Villa

"Arctic Studies Center, Anchorage Alaska: Mount Challenges and Solutions for Northwest Coast Objects for a Study Collection in an Earthquake Zone" 
Jonathan Pressler, On the Verge Design

"Mounting MOA’s New Visible Storage" 
Carl Schlichting, Museum of Art, University of British Columbia

"From Pole to Puzzle: Crafting a Mount for a Bark Cloth Figure" 
Jenna Wainwright, Metropolitan Museum of Art

"Layering Life: Mount Making for the Darwin Centre Cocoon" 
Helen Walker (nee Weir), Natural History Museum, London

Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work Penguin 2009 
Matthew Crawford



Poster session at the 2nd International Mountmakers Forum

An introduction to cost effective techniques for the creation of costume mounts and mannequins: The Hidden Lead Pellet Technique 
Naomi Abe, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles 

Animal mounts – how realistic do they need to be? 
Margot Brunn and Joanne White, Royal Alberta Museum 

A support mount made from Nomex® card for flat storage and 3-D display of an incomplete and fragile 19th century straw bonnet 
Luba Dogvan Nurse, National Museum of the American Indian 

Abstract- A Preliminary Review of Some Alternatives to Pliacre (PhillySeal R)
Poster page 1-
Poster page 2 
BJ Farrar, J. Paul Getty Villa 

Old Monarch, New Mount 
Abby Krause, Colorado Historical Society 

Mounting Necklaces as Worn 
David La Touche, Benchmark 

New Mannequin Design for Fragile & Hard-to-Handle Parkas 
Mair La Touche, Benchmark 

Fosshape and Its Application for Costume Mounts 
Marla Miles and Cynthia Amneus, Cincinnati Art Museum 


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