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2020: Laura McClure. 2020. Buttons and Magnets: A Mountmaker’s Journey. YouTube video of presentation at the 7th International Mountmakers Forum (IMF2020) virtual conference.

2014: Dan Radven. 2014. Necklace Mount System.  YouTube video of a paper presented at the IMF 4th Biennial Conference, New Mexico History Museum, Santa Fe, NM USA.

2012: Kim Flora. 2012. Vanishing Act: Mount Solutions for Jewelry and Fashion Accessories at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Poster presented at the IMF 3rd Biennial Conference, The Field Museum, Chicago, IL USA.

2010: Matthew Cox. 2010.  The Fabrication and Mounting of a Rotating Jewelry Gallery at the Museum of Arts and Design. Presented at the IMF 2nd Biennial Conference, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC USA.

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