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Apr 10

Mountmaking Forum ›Plascoat or vitroguard


I'm a freelance mount maker at The Met, Guggenheim, and the museum of arts and design in New York. At MAD we use a pulverized plastic that is thermo sensitive. You heat up your brass wire, dip it in the powder, then the plastic coats the wire, and finish by heating the powder coated piece. It basically melts and creates a soft plastic coating. Anybody ever heard of this product, or are using it? I'm looking for a source for it and want to order more. I think it's called vitroguard or vitro gaard it's also labeled plascoat. I see it's been oddy tested and passed. I also see on the aic wiki that is called vitroguard 12 plascoat. Anyways. Looking for a source. I've written the plascoat company but am waiting to hear back. If anybody has leads for me I'd owe ya one. Johnny



Last source I had for Plascoat Vitor Guard 12 Natural is from  2006  not sure if it is still good.

I was never crazy about it since it was hard to control,but others liked it alot.


Plascoat Corp.

Crown Center  Suite 600, 5005

Cleveland OH 44131

800 489 7236




Punda Merchantile Inc

4115 Sherbrooke St. W. Suite 610 Montreal, QC H3Z1K9

800 489 7236




Hi Johnny,

We brought in a barrel of Plascoat from Punda Merchantile a few years ago and shared it with our mountmaking brothers and sisters. Since then Punda is no longer the north American rep. and no longer carry it. I have a small canister of Plascoat that I guard jealously, it isn’t a coating for all occasions but when it’s appropriate it is wonderful.

Good luck in the hunt.




I don’t believe Plascoat brand Vitroguard is still available.  I have tried Glaslok powder and it seems to be the same type of material. WE HAVE NOT ODDY TESTED IT!  I have just been experimenting with it to see how it flows when heated, adheres, etc.


Philip Brutz Mount Maker The Cleveland Museum of Art 216-707-2617



Hi Philip,

My understanding was that the parent company was I think in the Netherlands, anyways on their web site the following contact info is available for North American sales,


Plascoat Corp

2700 Avenger Drive

Suit 108

Virginia Beach

VA 23452


Sales contact: Nate Shores

Tel: (844) PLASCOAT (844-752-7262)

Email: usservice@plascoat.com

Technical contact: David McRobbie

Tel: (864) 278 0175

Email: david_mcrobbie@plascoat.com




Yes. The fabled barrel of vitroguard. I remember the story now. So it is true! Nice to read of its origins. Such a good story. Anyway, yes I've written to both of those addresses yesterday but did not try to call. Haven't gotten an email back yet so maybe I'll just call them. 

Pretty much what we have here is how far I've gotten, Internet sleuthing. 

Wish me luck. Maybe we can all pitch in for a new lucky barrel!




Just got off the phone with plascoat. It is still available! Ask for mike. 



That vitroguard is so good I use it almost for everything! I even coated the tips of my calipers so I would scratch any artifact!Thanks for the update because I'm running low also.

Emilio Bras

Exhibits/Mount-making and Lighting

Milwaukee Public Museum

414-278-2765 | emilio@mpm.edu | www.mpm.edu

There used to be a thermoplastic coating product that started with the letter "B" followed by a number. Anybody heard of / remember that?

Apr 30

Is it acryloid or paraloid b-72? I have yet to use it but I've read a lot about it.

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