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Apr 11

Mountmaking Forum ›Long-lasting monofilament


Edited: Apr 11

Brooks Ward 8/2/18

Hello All- We are currently planning to reinstall an artwork later this year that is comprised of dozens of components completely suspended by monofilament. In order to change out the monofilament, we have to completely deinstall the entire gallery and furniture to access the work.  Does anyone have input on longer lasting options? I would prefer to not to have to go through the whole process every ten years, but the artist is not open to using stainless steel aircraft cable, and seems very set on monofilament. Even woven fishing line was rejected.   Thanks! Brooks Ward de Young/ / Legion of Honor



Jamie Hascall 8/2/18

That’s unfortunate as I think all monofilament has a limited life span. I will no longer use it in any suspension situation as I’ve seen failure happen more than once.  How strong does this support need to be? (What test mono has been used up to now?) I ask as there are truly tiny cables that have lots of strength and unlimited life, and that I feel are easily as “invisible” as mono of the same strength would be. Beading cable is available as small as .007”, but a quick look at websites wasn’t giving me a lot of information on strength. I did see one at .014” that said it was rated to 29 pounds. It would take some digging but I’m sure you can get figures. That said, if the artist is adamant, there may not be much to do. Good luck, Jamie Jamie Hascall Craftsman, Trainer, Consultant Mountmakingfocus.com jamie@mountmakingfocus.com Seattle, WA



david 8/2/18

You may investigate Kevlar thread which has a high breaking strength.  It's used for magicians illusions. https://www.thethreadexchange.com/miva/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=kevlar-invisible



Brooks Ward 8/2/18

Weight is basically negligible. The suspended elements are dozens of blown-glass drops of very minimal weight. They are suspended about 30 feet up, so you can see why breakage is an issue! Artist has already said no to cable, so I don't know how much we can press the issue. Jamie, I asked you about this in regards to a different exhibit, about a year ago. On that one, I was able to convince tom designed to go with painted wire instead and it turned out way better. I've forwarded some of my pictures to those who are dealing with the artist, but again, I don't think we can push it too much.  Brooks Ward Brooks.Ward@gmail.com





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