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Oct 11, 2023
In Tools & Materials
Hi all, I know that this is not exactly a direct mountmaking question but I have folks wanting to upgrade the quality of their case interiors. I write here because I don't know of a better practical source of information than this venue! This formation would also be useful to me for fill-in object innerface applications between objects and decks. I am seeking a product that would pass Oddy tests and be more "liquidy" than "doughy" in application (please excuse my use of such highbrow technical terms). The idea would be that it would be able to provide a relatively smooth transition between different sections of dibond with minimal working and the end product would have a fairly smooth texture to match up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Personally, I am still stuck in the old days and have mostly just used Aves product. Many thanks for any suggestions! cheers, Ashley

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