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Hello fellow mount makers! I’ve been at the San Diego Museum of Art for 16 years now. In the following order; Lead Carpenter>Head Preparator>Senior Mount Maker/Assistant Registrar>Senior Mount Maker/Associate Registrar>(merely)Associate Registrar.

A few years ago my well-earned mantle of Senior Mount Maker was stripped for "continuity within departmental structuring" despite the fact that all my duties remained the same. This never sat well with me so I began preparations (and fortitude building) towards taking my 13+ year side business into a full-time job. And thus was born Spark&Anvil.

I'm also doing art restoration and conservation to help bolster a healthy client list. Quarterly sculpture cleaning and waxing for outdoor sculptures has been a great way to expand. But I'll be relying on my decade-long colleagues here for tips, advice, and gigs so please do stay in touch! I imagine the isolation of independent James when compared to a fully staffed museum will be a bit of a hurdle for me. So be my friend!





James Gielow

Senior Mountmaker

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